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Tips for Organising Your Commercial Display Freezer and Fridge

With a huge number of products to store and manage, organising a display freezer or fridge in a commercial space can be difficult. With various people storing in or taking out items, it is no wonder things become disorganised. You may think that it is okay as long as the people working for you know where to find what they need, but this is a bad idea. Proper organisation of a commercial display freezer or fridge is vital to any food establishment. Having an efficient system, where items are properly stored and everything is accounted for, will help your business improve.

Storing your stocks and items will mostly depend on how often you need them. But it is also important to follow the health and safety codes in Australia. By following the display freezer storage guidelines below, you ensure that there is little to no chance of food contamination.

Benefits of a well-organised organised commercial display freezer and fridge

Products are presented nicely for customers. Display freezers are mainly used for, well, displaying products. A well-organised one will definitely be more appealing for customers. And even if you’re not using a display fridge for selling purposes but for convenience in your commercial kitchen, organising items will go a long way. Your staff won’t have a hard time getting what they need, for starters.

– Fines and forced shut down are avoided by following the health code. Violations are severely punished.

– Food quality is maintained. By organising your ingredients and stocks properly, their integrity or quality will not degrade quickly and they will not go to waste. This will allow you to continuously serve good food or perishable products.

– Efficient operation. It will greatly hasten your process if you know where certain ingredients and stocks are stored.

– Need for repairs is minimised. A disorganised display freezer will only make your unit work harder, causing it to break down more often. It will not cool whatever is stored in it properly as well, resulting in waste.

– Ease of cleaning. When your shelves are organised, they will be easier to clean and check.

– Ensure better inventory. By seeing the items in your display freezer arranged properly, you will quickly know which one you need to restock and order.

How to store and display your stocks properly


1. Label

Label your display freezer’s shelves. By labelling, you ensure that fewer mistakes will happen. People will know where to put each item, and they will know where to find what they need immediately as well. This will help you check which stocks are out or dwindling and you can then reorder them.

2. First In, First Out (FIFO)

Know the shelf life and expiry dates of your stocks. Place the newer items (or those with longer expiry dates) at the back and the items that are nearing their used-by dates in front. Make sure that the dates are highlighted. To ensure the quality of your food and products, never use stocks that are already past their used-by dates.

3. Meats should be stored on the lowest shelves.

To prevent cross contamination, which is very dangerous, meats, whether marinated or not, should be placed on the lowest shelves to control spillage. Otherwise, you would have to throw away items and other food that the meat juice, or marinade has touched. This also keeps cleaning the spill easier.

4. No food should be placed on the fridge’s floor.

This is part of the health code requirement. Food and stocks placed on the fridge floor have the highest chance of having water and other contaminants seeping into them. To avoid this, have as many shelves as possible when buying a display freezer. And don’t forget to remind everyone who will be accessing the freezer about this important rule.

5. Have enough space between items.

Inside your commercial display freezer or fridge, cold air must be able to circulate properly. So, make sure that the items are about three to six inches away from the walls. This will allow your unit to properly cool down the items inside. Proper spacing will also help prevent hot spots and uneven cooling.

By keeping your display freezer or fridge properly organised, you can maximise its use. Do take some time to teach your staff how to store items properly and continue to remind them of its importance.

Now, what to do if your current display freezer or fridge isn’t enough to hold all of the items you need to store? Consider buying or renting a new one. We here at Cold Solutions offer a wide range of commercial display freezers and fridges to suit your needs. Whether you need a two door display fridge for beverages or a chest freezer to display meat products, we got you covered.