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Impulse Units 

An impulse unit is perfect for displaying ‘impulse products’: small, chilled, last-minute items suggested to customers as they reach the checkout.

If you are a retailer, you would be well aware that impulse buying accounts for a significant amount of your customers’ spending, so an effective impulse display fridge is crucial.

Items like water bottles, flavoured water, soft drinks, chocolate milk, chocolate bars, and similar casual refrigerated treats are prime examples of products that you can refrigerate near the checkout to account for impulse sales.

Our Impulse Display Fridges are designed and built to maximise your impulse sales all year round, and particularly in the Summer months.

Our impulse units are ideal for independent grocers, news agencies, supermarkets, service stations, bottle shops, and basically any type of food service retailer.

We have designed and built these units to fit snugly adjacent to your checkout area without using up too much floor space, while at the same time providing cavernous internal space.

They offer all the reliability, energy efficiency, and power that our clients expect of our units, such as high-performance European compressor units and the latest low carbon-footprint refrigerant.

All of our impulse display units are self-contained, so it’s a breeze to reposition and clean behind them. Each unit runs a fully automatic defrost cycle with a heated, evaporative water tray. Built to last, our Impulse Units feature corrosion-resistant casings.

To save power, you have the option of a ‘night curtain’ for non-business or otherwise quiet hours. Additionally, we’ve chosen low-voltage, LED lighting for shelves.


Cold Display Solutions’ Impulse Display Fridge range includes both compact models and the larger multideck models.

Multideck Impulse Display Fridges

Our Multideck Impulse Units are available in 1.5 metre and 2 metre configurations, and are ideal for supermarkets, large delis, and butchers.

Free standing and self-contained, one thing you’ll love about this ultra heavy-duty impulse unit range is the impressive 1,100mm depth.

The units feature fully automatic hot gas defrost, and are fitted with a very powerful scroll compressor for the Summer months. The inside of the cabinet has been clad with food grade stainless steel, for easy cleaning and hygiene. Our Multideck Impulse Units feature a digital temperature controller with a range of between 2 °C – 8 °C.

Compact Impulse Display Fridges

Our range of iconic compact impulse display fridges is all about power, energy efficiency, and drawing the customer’s eye to the fridge contents.

Built for sturdiness, the construction is all steel panels. These self-contained plug and play units can neatly be positioned at the end of an aisle or near the counter. Enhance your revenue stream or simply call attention to a new product line. To keep power consumption to a minimum, the Compact range uses R290 refrigerant and German-made EBM fans.

Some of our Compact Impulse models can ship with a fitted door option. With the door fitted, it can be used in environments in excess of 35 °C ambients (general room temperature), making them excellent for outdoor events and trade shows, as well as street-accessible takeaways and bakeries.

Bespoke Options

When it comes to last-minute impulse items at the checkout, we know how important it is to draw your customers’ attention to them.

That’s why we offer a number of personalisation and customisation options. The Cold Display Solutions range of impulse display units can be branded with any personalised signage you request.

If you have corporate or event requirements, we are able to deploy a branded fleet of impulse display units to suit you. Simply outline your needs via the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Service and Warranty

We have a comprehensive delivery and customer support service, with depots in four states and a nationwide logistics network. This makes our impulse display unit installation and repair very responsive, wherever you are in Australia.

We employ refrigeration engineers full-time at all of our depots, so access to people with industry-level expertise is one phone call away.

Our Impulse Display Fridges are covered by competitive 12 month on-site warranties, and feature our ‘Roll In/Roll Out’ service, where you will be supplied with a temporary unit for the duration of repairs and service.

We are very proud of the fact that we look after our customers for the lifespan of their purchase.


All of our Impulse Display Freezers can be purchased, hired, or leased (rent-to-own). We offer very competitive and reasonable weekly rates.

If you’d like to know more about leasing or hiring an impulse display fridge for your business or event, simply reach out via the Contact Us page.