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Cold Display Solutions was previously owned by Able Refrigeration.

Able Refrigeration began as a refrigeration maintenance and sales company over 10 years ago. During this time, we regularly supplied rental fridges to our clients and as the demand for hire equipment grew, we expanded our operations across the eastern seaboard.

Cold Display Solutions is now the core of our business. Our expertise in the refrigeration industry allows us to offer you the right equipment for the job, every time.

Whether you need event refrigeration hire, long term refrigeration rental, with or without refrigeration maintenance contract, we can look after you.


We are a ARC TICK licensed company -This means we are licensed to re-gas hold and reclaim refrigerant – all part of our complete service!




How to Buy or Hire the Best Commercial Fridge and Freezer for Your Business


Commercial fridges and freezers, unlike the domestic models, are specifically made to store large quantities of food. Therefore, they are designed to be big in size, durable, use more energy, and meet the demands of a restaurant kitchen or any commercial kitchens.

Commercial fridges and freezers are not a luxury that a business can have. It is required by law. There are strict health and safety laws that require certain perishable products to be stored at certain temperatures, something that fridges designed for homes are incapable of satisfying. That’s why commercial ones are specifically engineered for these purposes while being efficient in energy consumption.

If you are in the industry dealing with produce, meat, and other consumable goods, you have to know the necessary information about which fridge and freezer to buy or rent. Vegetables, fruits, meats, ice creams, drinks, and other products need to be stored at a certain temperature. If you fail to do this, these consumable goods will go bad and become a loss for your business.

How do you choose the best equipment in the market?


Here are tips and steps to follow when purchasing or hiring a freezer or a fridge for your business:

1. Know what you need.


The first step is knowing what type of freezer or fridge your business needs. What products will you be storing? What is the quantity and size of the products that must be stored? You have to ask these questions and thoroughly study the answers to narrow down your choices among the various models in the market. You will encounter specialty fridges. There are also coolers for flowers, milk, wine, and other items. There are open display fridges that are engineered especially for pre-packaged items. So, decide first which ones your business needs before going to the next step.

2. Measure both the external and internal dimensions required.


You need to check the cubic feet of the freezer or refrigerator that you want. There are fridges and freezers that have large external dimensions but small holding space. This is why you need to know how much goods you are storing at any given time. Large freezers can be a sizable investment so be sure the cold-storage appliance you choose have the right storage size and space.

If your budget does not allow you to buy one, there are retailers and companies that offer rent-to-own freezers. We here at Cold Display Solutions offer a variety of refrigerators and freezers for rent and for sale in Australia.


3. Choose between bottom mounted or top mounted condensing unit.


A top mounted condensing unit ensures debris don’t collect in and under the equipment. This type is best for dry storage. But it is also good for storing ingredients that might spill or for stores where floors collect dust. In addition, because the compressor is on top, the storage space inside is maximised, allowing you to store more, while its lower shelf allows you to easily take out or put in what you need.

A bottom-mounted condensing unit, meanwhile, is best for hot areas and where there is cooking nearby. The compressor is located near the floor, placed well away from the heat generated from all the cooking. Also, since a bottom-mounted freezer’s components are located at the bottom, grease and oil in the area won’t get to them easily. This makes the unit protected from cooking steam, which can cause inefficiency problems.


4. Research, visit and talk to experts.


Consult with a reliable provider to know what they can offer. Examine their products and compare the products’ capabilities and costs, too. View their catalogues and study them thoroughly. Know which bar fridge will fit your store or which chest freezer is the best in terms of overall value.

Inquire about warranties and repair services as well. All of these pieces of information will help you save cost in the long run.


5. Brand – Select the most trusted ones.


This step will also need a lot of research. There are some well-known brands and some lesser-known ones. Research both. Know which ones are more trustworthy. There are also innovative brands that can offer more features for each product. Consider all of these factors before deciding which freezer brand to trust.

Knowing all the necessary information will help you pick the best refrigerator or freezer to buy or rent for your business. Keep in mind that these cold storages are very vital to your business operations. You need to choose the right one to save time and resources in the long run. Whether you are looking for a curved glass counter top display for pastries or a display freezer to showcase your ice cream products, follow the steps above to choose the best equipment for your store.