If you need more equipment  FAST, then RENT TO BUY is a very cash flow friendly way to do so. Backed by our ARC TICK licensed technicians and service people, it’s a recipe for success. Please contact our team for an immediate quotation.

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Rent To Buy

The ‘Rent to buy’ option is highly suited to food service business operators who are aiming for a long-term purchase, but still need the flexibility to free up capital. It’s a short-term option with the possibility of long-term gains in your area of the food service industry.  

If you’ve just started a business in the food service industry, for example, the option of leasing a commercial fridge, commercial freezer, or cold storage display, is a viable choice. Rent to buy helps you get started straight away at a low cost, while still owning the unit in the long term.  

Cold Storage Solutions offers the flexibility of rent to buy for commercial display fridges, commercial display freezers, gelato freezers, cake display fridges, deli display fridges, stainless steel fridges and freezers, and salad counter fridges at competitively low weekly rates.   

Superior design and energy efficient performance means that your unit will be working well for your business long after your last payment instalment.  

When you rent to buy a commercial refrigeration unit from Cold Storage Solutions, you’re leasing a product that has been designed and built to a best-in-class standard. All of our cold storage and display units have been engineered for energy efficiency, yet are fitted with powerful, industrial-standard compressors; units that are built to last and perform consistently, without draining your power bill.  

Not only do our rent to buy commercial fridges, freezers, and display units feature four star Energy Ratings, they have been created to consistently perform for you in the long term. 

We supply fleets of cold display units for lease, and offer a range of bespoke options, including custom sized casters and branded decals.   

Whether you rent to buy a Four Door Commercial Display Fridge for your craft beer retail startup, or a Square Cake Display for your newly opened second bakery, your lease is covered by superb level of customer support, with refrigeration engineers staffing our depots in four states.  

Thanks to our nationwide logistics network, your leased cold display unit will ship promptly to wherever you are in Australia.  

We employ all of our highly experienced refrigeration technicians full time, many of whom have been in the industry for over fifteen years.  

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive warranty for our rent to buy customers, which includes our ‘Roll In/Roll Out’ service providing a loan unit when your fridge, freezer, or cold display unit is being serviced.  

Lease Commercial Display Fridge 

Rent to buy a commercial fridge for the option to reduce your capital outlay, while feeling confident your unit will work for you long term. Our commercial display fridges for lease are sized up to four-door units. Or lease the ideal configuration for your bar, be it an underbar fridge or display bar fridge.  

Lease Commercial Display Freezer 

Rent to buy a high end commercial freezer for your independent grocery or cafe and focus on your brand. Our premium for-lease commercial freezer range includes curved top display chest freezers, and upright display freezers that feature between one and four doors.   

Lease Gelato Freezer 

If you have big plans for your boutique ice cream startup or gelato food truck, you may want to rent-to-buy a gelato freezer for some added flexibility. Our for lease range of gelato freezers can fit up to 16 tubs of your delicious ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt, and sorbet. 

Lease Cake Display Fridge 

If you’re introducing cakes to your food service repertoire, or have launched a boutique cake business, leasing a cake display fridge is a great option for you. We’ve put immense care into crafting cake display units that really highlight the aesthetics of your works and products. All Square Cake Displays for lease feature high gloss trays and internal lighting.  

Lease Deli Display Fridge 

Whether you need to lease a glass deli fridge or open display fridge, our ‘rent to buy’ lease options will suit you. Our glass deli/open display units have feature a ‘future-proof’ Italian design and are superbly constructed.  

Lease Impulse Display Fridge 

Boost cash flow at the checkout with an impulse display fridge lease. Cold Display Solutions’ range of Impulse Units all feature a corrosive-resistant outer body and LED internal lighting.  

Lease Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer 

When you rent to buy a stainless steel fridge or stainless steel freezer from Cold Display Solutions, it’s high quality investment for the long term. Our stainless steel fridges and freezers for lease all feature easy-to-maintain food grade stainless steel. 

Lease Salad Display Fridge 

We feature a diversity of options when it comes to leasing salad display fridges, including units that combine chilled prep counters with a chilled display area.