Our Glass Door Display Fridges are perfect for displaying products with great interior lighting and are suitable for merchandising dairy & chilled products.

Perfect for showcasing chilled food and drinks, a glass door fridge is great for use in any busy customer-facing venue from cafes to commercial outfits.

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Glass Door Display Fridges

Glass Door Display Fridges are ideal for marketing dairy items, drink bottles, cans, fruit drinks, beer, and other products that require good interior lighting. Glass Door Display Fridges will enhance your sales by making it simpler for your customers to see your products and will meet the display and storage needs of businesses such as supermarkets, bottle stores, bars, restaurants, modern convenience stores, fuel stations, cafés, and more. Our glass door display fridges are ideal for preserving perishable products for extended periods of time. We have the most practical and durable glass door display fridges on the market, guaranteeing that your company’s food and beverage products are kept at the ideal temperature at all times.

The glass door display fridge is a great way of also free signage and exposure , placed in the correct part of our store and workplace it can be often viewed by hundreds of people a day

You can wrap the sides of the fridge with  your brand or company logo and do sign headers to match , increasing sales and offering free exposure to new customers

WE have taken a lot of time and many hours of testing to create a diverse range of display fridges ranging from our smallest SLIM LINE one door fridge to our largest massive 4 DOOR ELEGANCE commercial display fridge .Our display fridge range is our largest and highest selling range e offer to sell these premium products direct to consumer without on sellers and middle men

Here are some things to consider when looking at our range


Simple and timeless design  , we have all metal panels outside and inside the fridge meaning no cracking and fatigue while they are in the field. Even our sign box headers and brackets are solid steel

We have made the door frames from solid aluminium so again less wear and importantly easy to clean due to  the extrusion process there is no hidden corners in the door frames or handles making for easy cleaning to meet the standards required in todays society.The door seals are a push in style so they can be changes onsite , no need to call a seal tech and spend hundreds of dollars , we can have you a set of the seals the next day an fitting will take under 30 minutes – yourself !

The shelving on all our range uses a  simple snap lock stainless steel type shelf retainer that can be installed by anyone in seconds, allowing for fast adjustment and re configuration of your display fridge


Cold Display Solutions upright commercial display fridge range are all self contained and automatic operation

All have electronic controls that enable spot on temperature control and automatic defrost , all easily adjustable also equipped with many more functions that our techs are happy to run through with you or are available in the operation manual placed inside every new display fridge

90 % of our new glass door display fridges run on r 290 gas , it’s a natural and ozone friendly gas we’ve found R-290 capable of high-performing, efficient operation. Compared to the refrigerants it will likely be called upon to replace — like the recently delisted R-404A and HFC-134a — R-290 yields more capacity with lower wattage consumption

All our display fridge range  Comply with Australian (and NZ) Government MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards and are  classified minimum of  3M2  rating , meaning  value for money in running cost comparison..The initial outlay of buying a Cold Display Solutions will quickly be offset by much lower running costs than units they are replacing or being compared with .


The Cold Display Solutions display fridge range has a minimum of  year parts and labour gtee and 2 years on all parts including compressor . Our Elegance range of display fridges is 2 years parts and 2 years labour