Open Display fridge and Deli Display fridge units are ideal for showcasing a wide variety of small-goods and deli food items in a range of environments.

We stock Open Display Fridges, and  Deli Display Fridges in our SYD/MEL/BNE depots.

Shop our range of open display fridges and deli fridges, we can ship Australia wide from our depots in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Glass Deli 

Open Display fridge and Deli Display fridge units are ideal for showcasing a wide variety of small goods and deli food items in a range of environments, including supermarket deli sections, delicatessens, butcher shops, trade shows, and more.  

Our deli fridge range has been designed and built to provide optimal chilled storage conditions for refrigerated deli products, smallgoods, and packaged meats.  

These deli fridge units are easy to maintain, featuring food grade stainless steel components and removable shelves. They’re also self-contained and mounted on lockable casters, meaning that you can position them to your preference on the shop floor in a matter of minutes.  

These units all feature a corrosion-resistant outer body, and run fully automatic refrigeration and defrost cycles. The latest HFC refrigerant, paired with the latest high-performance compressors. This means that your unit will deliver heavy-duty performance with a low carbon footprint—your open display or glass deli fridge will work hard all year round without costing the earth.  

Built-in LED lighting will clearly and brightly display your products without being a drain on power, and each unit features a lighting switch to save power in off-hours.  

All open display and deli display units are self-contained and feature lockable casters, allowing for quick installation and setup.   


We stock beautifully designed Open Display Fridges, and Deli Display Fridges in various sizes to best suit your needs.  

Deli Display Fridges 

Our Deli Display Cabinet range emphasises product visibility while delivering superb temperature control. These modern-looking units are very well suited to trade shows, as well as the retail display of smallgoods.  

The curved glass LED lighting, and food grade stainless steel means that supermarket and large grocery clients are able to arrange their sliced meats, cheeses, and other unpackaged smallgoods in a hygienic and visually appealing way. Because they’re self-contained, the units can be easily lined up to form a long deli service area.  

These units feature refrigerated storage beneath the display, and a small workbench station. 

Warranty and Service 

As with all of our commercial fridge and freezer units, our range of deli display cabinets, and open display fridges are all protected by a 12 month parts and labour warranty. This competitive warranty includes our renowned ‘Roll In/Roll Out’ Service, where you will be supplied with a temporary unit for the duration of any repairs or service. All deliveries and repairs are a breeze, as our logistics network operates nationwide.  

Cold Display Solutions has depots in four states, staffed with technicians with over 15 years’ experience ready to help with any queries you may have.  

We employ all of our refrigeration technicians full-time, so you will always have access to very high levels of expertise.  

Bespoke Options 

We realise that food service operators have specific requirements. If you find that our deli display fridges out of the box are an almost-perfect fit, we can go the extra mile and customise your deli display unit to exactly meet your needs.  

We can provide custom power outputs, modify caster wheels, provide night curtains to save power, and add decals.  

Our range of open display units and deli fridges can be branded with any personalised branding and  signage you request.  

Whether you’re a supermarket requiring a row of deli display cabinets, or a trade show organiser needing a series of open display deli fridges, we can supply you with a customised and branded fleet.  

Simply outline your needs via the contact form on the Contact Us page, and we’ll be in touch.  


All of our Open Display and Glass Deli fridges can be purchased, hired, or leased (rent-to-own). We offer highly competitive and reasonable rates.  If you’d like to know more about weekly rental and leasing rates, simply reach out via the Contact Us page.  

If you’d like to ask us anything at all about our range of deli display fridges, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love answering questions!