At Cold Display Solutions we take pride in providing ongoing and reliable service to our clients. All our units are also GEMS certified meaning they are very economical. We are a one stop in house refrigeration supplier that cares for small business in Australia

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Looking for Rental options instead?

The ‘Rent to buy’ option is highly suited to food service business operators who are aiming for a long-term purchase, but still need the flexibility to free up capital. It’s a short-term option with the possibility of long-term gains in your area of the food service industry.

Why Buy a Commercial Fridge or Freezer?

Whether you’re a retailer, cafe owner, franchisee, restaurateur, or you run a bar or pub, we understand that buying a commercial fridge, commercial freezer, or cold display unit is a serious investment. It will be one of the most frequently used and hardest working appliances in your space. It will need to be powerful enough to handle heavy use during peak Summer months, reliable enough to work consistently without breaking down, and of an energy efficiency standard that keeps costs down. You want to be sure that your fridge, commercial freezer, or cold display unit helps your bottom line in the long term.

When you buy a commercial refrigeration unit from Cold Display Solutions, you can be sure that it is protected by a competitive parts and service warranty, constructed to a superior standard, fitted with industrial grade components, covered by a superb level of service support, and will ship to wherever you are in Australia.

Our commercial fridges, freezers, and display units have been been engineered for energy efficiency while maintaining a constantly precise temperature, keeping running costs low while providing peak performance. Whether you buy a gelato freezer, underbar fridge, or two door display fridge, all Cold Display Solutions units feature a four star Energy Rating.

Your cold storage unit is only as good as its compressor, and our industrial grade compressor units will keep your fridge or freezer working hard with minimal possibility of breakdown. This is particularly important during peak business times when your staff are constantly opening and closing the unit.  

When you buy a commercial fridge or freezer, a key consideration is a thorough and inclusive warranty to cover your investment. Cold Solutions’ commercial refrigeration units are covered by parts and maintenance warranties that include a 12 month maintenance on-site ‘Roll In/Roll Out’ Breakdown Service, meaning that a loan fridge is supplied and installed while your fridge is being repaired.  

Cold Display Solutions make delivery and installation of your refrigeration units convenient and simple. Our logistics network operates Australia wide, so we’re always local to your business.  

Whether you’re intending to buy a display fridge, bar fridge, chest freezer, salad counter, or something in between, you need to plan for space. Your business requirements are unique, and your food storage needs are too. We offer a range of bespoke options, customising cold storage units to meet your needs.  

Buy Commercial Display Fridge 

Our commercial fridge range for purchase includes one door, two door, and three door display fridges, underbar fridges, and bar fridges. When you buy a commercial fridge from us you have the confidence of very high performance paired with energy efficiency. 

Buy Commercial Display Freezer  

The decision to buy a commercial freezer is an important one, which is why we offer a diverse range to ensure your purchase is the right fit. Whether it’s an upright freezer, chest freezer, or display freezer, we have designed our freezer units to deliver long term results at a low operating cost.  

Buy Gelato Freezer 

Our range of gelato freezers combine aesthetic appeal with consistent functionality. We design and build gelato freezers to be energy efficient and hard working, in a range of ideal configurations to suit your specifications, whether it’s frozen yoghurt, gelato, ice cream, or sorbet.  

Buy Cake Display Fridge 

Our range of cake display fridges have been designed to highlight the visibility and aesthetic appeal of your cakes. All displays feature a stainless-steel framework and glazed, heated E-glass to prevent any frosting. LED lighting creates optimum viewing at any time of day. 

Buy Deli Display Fridge 

When you buy a glass deli fridge from Cold Display Solutions, you can be certain of the quality. We are the exclusive Australian supplier of the Italian manufacturer Casasola. We are pleased to be able to pass this superb quality and enduring reliability on to you.  

Buy Impulse Display Fridge 

If you wish to present your customers with last-minute purchase options in a display fridge that you can rely on for years to come, we recommend an impulse display unit. Our impulse display fridges for purchase feature deep storage space and LED lighting.   

Buy Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer 

Cold Display Solutions’ stainless steel fridges and freezers are the ideal long-term food storage solution for caterers. Featuring food-grade stainless steel inside and out, these units are designed and built for performance, energy efficiency, and ease of cleaning.  

Buy Salad Counter Fridge 

Our range of salad counter fridges and food preparation fridges feature high grade stainless steel surfaces, and are ideal for salad display, food preparation, and a combination of the two. Our counter fridges feature very powerful compressors to keep your produce crisp and presentable in any time of year.