Our Cake Display Fridges are perfect for displaying your cakes, baked goods, sandwiches, chocolate goods, and sealed foods.

Display your cakes and chilled desserts the right way with our selection of glass door cake fridges. Our cake fridge displays are available in a range of sizes.

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Cake Display Fridges 

We offer the perfect solution for the refrigerated display of cakes, sandwiches, confectionery, and other delicate, handmade foodstuffs.  

If you operate a bakery, restaurant, cafe, cake shop, craft donut store, or similar food service business, you will find our range of refrigerated cake displays highly useful to your storefront. The first bite your customers take will be with the eye, so it’s crucial that they’re immediately tempted by what they see. 

All of our cake display units have been designed and constructed to highlight the eye-catching quality of your products. Add some extra visual appeal to your storefront and give your favourite or best selling creations some enhanced presence.  

Our Cake Display Fridge range features a stainless steel framework and food grade stainless steel shelves for hygiene and ease of cleaning. 

Maximum viewing potential is ensured by internal LED lighting and heated, double-glazed E-glass to prevent frosting. 

Our cake display units have been engineered for long-term high performance, with a fan-forced refrigeration system that runs a timed auto defrost. Like all of our cold display units, we engineer our cake display fridges for energy efficiency without compromising on performance.  

Our cake display fridges use high end European compressor units, providing maximum performance and temperature precision regardless of the season. We’re always following the latest developments in green-friendly refrigerants, and we make sure to use the most advanced refrigerants in our cake display units to ensure high performance with a low carbon footprint.  

Refrigeration temperature ranges from 2 to 8 degrees celsius, which you can manually set via a digital controller.  

Our self-contained cake display units run heated stainless steel condensate trays, which means that they won’t require any external plumbing and are very easy to set up.  

As with all commercial refrigeration needs, planning and placement is very important. How much space do you have, and, just as important, how much space do you need? Cold Display Solutions offers both floor display and countertop options for refrigerating and selling your cake products. If you’re unsure, we’re happy to guide you through the planning process.  


Curved Glass Cake Displays 

These units are perfect for small businesses such as bakeries and takeaways who sell a variety of products with strictly limited space. These hard-working and reliable units will fit neatly on a small section of counter-top, nicely highlighting your refrigerated cakes, sandwiches, and other hand-made foodstuffs.  

Featuring digital temperature control, these self-contained units are very easy to use and highly portable.  

Square Glass Cake Displays 

Our Square Glass Cake Display range is renowned for its expansive surface area. The solid glass exterior featured in this range allows viewing from almost any angle.  

Our Square Glass range includes the option to add an external shelf for display outside of the refrigerated space.  

Our Square Glass range is available in 900mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm configurations, and all square glass cake display fridges use frost-proof double glazed e-glass.  

Support and Warranty 

As we have depots and support technicians in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, we can quickly provide personal support wherever you are in Australia.  

Our nationwide logistics network boasts a fleet of delivery vehicles, ensuring that any cake display repair and maintenance is carried out swiftly. Additionally, we employ our refrigeration technicians full-time, so you always have access to support.  

All of our refrigerated cake display units are covered by a highly competitive 12 month parts and labour warranty. This warranty features our Roll In/Roll Out support service, which means we will supply you with a temporary unit for the duration of any repairs.  

We look after our customers for the lifetime of their purchase.  

Bespoke Options 

No two sets of cake display requirements are the same, which is why we are happy to discuss custom fittings. Cold Display Solutions is proud to supply our clients with a wide range of custom solutions, whether it’s fitting and resizing lockable casters, unique shelving requirements, custom power outputs, or specialised internal lighting setups.   

If you are running an event, large grocery or bakery franchise, or similar large-scale operation, we proudly supply custom fleets of cake display units for short term hire, lease, or purchase. 

We provide a range of decal options for your cake display units, adding a degree of visual appeal and branding.  


All of our refrigerated cake displays are available for purchase, hire, or lease. We offer competitive, reasonable weekly rates. If you wish to discuss rental rates or rent-to-buy options, please contact us via the Contact Us page.  

If you would like to know more, we are very happy to answer any questions you may have.