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Fridge and Freezer Hire

Do you need to hire a fridge or freezer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Cold Display Solutions, we’ve been supplying refrigeration services to businesses across Australia for nearly twenty years. So we know a thing or two about what our customers need.

When you hire from CDS you can expect to receive the highest standards of customer service, as well as reliable, high quality units that are manufactured and imported by us.

We have branches in four states, each with a team of refrigeration engineers who are only ever a phone call away, so you can rest assured that backup is available around the clock. And our dedicated delivery drivers can be relied upon to get you what you need, when you need it.

Whether you need a short term solution or a long term arrangement, we’re here to help. So go ahead and take a look at the units we offer and thanks to our amazing new website, you can even order online.


















Commercial Refrigeration Hire

All of our purchase units are available for hire, so renting or hiring a commercial fridge, freezer, or cold display unit from Cold Display Solutions ensures a high quality benchmark. Additionally, your cold display rental will always be under warranty, be it a two-door display fridge, salad display counter, gelato freezer, or bar fridge.

Hiring a commercial fridge or freezer from Cold Display Solutions affords you exceptional customer service. Each of our four branches is staffed with a team of highly experienced refrigeration engineers and a team of delivery drivers. Rapid, responsive help is a phone call away.

We engineer and manufacture our units to strike a perfect balance between reliability, power, high functionality, and a low carbon footprint. We only use the latest refrigerants to ensure green-friendliness, while at the same time using the most advanced European compressors to ensure high performance

Hiring a commercial fridge, commercial freezer, or cold display unit offers a high level of flexibility to those in the food service industry, especially for those with rapidly changing business requirements, whether you operate a cafe, restaurant, hotel kitchen, or market food truck.

If your business is seasonal, (such as during a high tourist season), or operates only at specific times of the week or month, renting a cold display unit can be an excellent idea.

Additionally, If you have a rapid increase in patronage, you may wish to quickly and conveniently upgrade from a one-door display fridge to a two-door display fridge, or increase the serving capacity of your gelato freezer. Hiring a cold display unit from us will empower you with the flexibility to do just that, without having to worry about reselling your old unit. The longer you own a cold display unit, the less its resale value.

Hiring a cold display unit is an ideal option if your business frequently interacts with trade shows, trade expos, or community fairs and exhibitions. If your business tours with trade expos on a national scale, you’ll be able to take advantage of our nationwide presence, with our comprehensive logistics network and offices in four states.

We hire out custom fleets of display fridges, freezers, impulse units, cake displays, salad counters, chest freezers, gelato freezers, and deli display units to suit any kind of short term exhibition, trade show, media production, or media event you can imagine. For corporate fleet hires, we happily apply branded decals to your rental units, to make your company, business, or product readily identifiable.

Technology is constantly evolving, and refrigeration technology is no different. The flexibility offered by hiring a commercial fridge or freezer gives you quick and inexpensive access to the newest models, designs, and innovations as we release them.

Hire Commercial Display Fridge

Our wide range of superbly engineered commercial fridges includes display fridges, underbar fridges, and bar fridges for hire. Renting a commercial fridge is a solution that offers short-term flexibility.

Hire Commercial Display Freezer

Rent a commercial freezer from Cold Storage Solutions’ range of upright freezers, display freezers, and chest freezers. Combine rental flexibility with our renowned quality and reliability.

Hire Gelato Freezer

If you run a mobile business, you definitely want to be sure your gelato freezer maintains its temperature and displays your delicious wares as nicely as possible before you hire it. This is exactly what we offer when you hire a gelato freezer from us.

Hire Cake Display

The first bite is with the eye: our cake displays have been designed to present your creations as deliciously as possible, at a perfectly consistent temperature, and feature internal lighting and high gloss trays. When you hire a cake display, you have the flexibility to upgrade to a larger model as your range of cakes and treats develops.

Hire Deli Display Fridge

We are proud to exclusively supply Italian Casasola glass deli fridges. Renting a glass deli fridge from us gives you access to a premium quality deli fridge at low cost.

Hire Impulse Display Fridge

Rent an impulse display fridge from Cold Display Solutions for access to superb quality for little outlay. Our rental range of impulse display fridges feature LED lighting, large internal volume, and a small footprint.

Hire Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer

Whether you’re looking to rent a stainless steel fridge or hire a stainless steel freezer, our flexible rental options ensure that you will be getting the most out of our superb design and build quality.

Hire Salad Display Counter

Our rental range of salad display fridges means that you can quickly and cheaply get set up with a salad service area, or a refrigerated food preparation surface.