Supermarket Chest Freezer 1.6m (End Case)
Supermarket Chest Freezer 2m (Middle Case)
Two Door Freezer (Elegance Black)
Three Door Freezer (Elegance Black)
Four Door Freezer (Elegance Black)
One Door Slimline Display Freezer
CF-320 Curved Top Display Chest Freezer
CF-420 Curved Top Display Chest Freezer
CF-720 Curved Top Display Chest Freezer
One Door Underbar/Counter Freezer
Commercial Freezers

Cold Display Solutions supplies a comprehensive range of self-contained commercial display freezers to the food service industry, ideally suited to independent grocers, supermarkets, and institutional canteens. These heavy-duty freezer units have been designed from the ground up to enticingly display frozen goods, while providing optimum storage. They’ve been engineered and constructed to deliver energy-efficient long-term performance.The heavy-duty performance of our commercial display freezer range comes down to our choice of compressor units. We always source high-end European compressor units to ensure year-round power output and temperature consistency. To keep a low carbon footprint, we only use the latest, most green-friendly refrigerants on the market. Being self-contained, our commercial freezer units don’t require any external plumbing or pipework,and instead run stainless steel heated trays for water removal. Additionally, the water lines are heated to prevent the water from freezing in the piping during draining. Our display freezer range includes both upright and chest freezer models & Upright Commercial Display Freezers. The Cold Display Solutions range of upright commercial display freezers is available in one, two,three, and four door configurations. These  heavy duty commercial freezers have been engineered and built to afford retail, commercial, and institutional environments maximum product visibility,achieved by heated double-glazed glass panels and low voltage LED lighting. Knowing that our clients need to economize floor space, we’ve mounted the condenser on top of our upright models, which also delivers an unmatched cooling efficiency. These self-contained units feature castors so that grocery chains and supermarkets can easily position them on the shop floor.An aisle of display freezers can be positioned and activated in minutes.We engineer all of our units for energy-efficient high performance, and our upright freezer range is no different. Upright freezer doors feature a self-closing mechanism. These doors are double-glazed and Low-e coated, which assists with efficiently maintaining internal temperature. The fan-forced refrigeration system works hard to recover lost temperature during busy trading, and it runs an auto timed defrost, so you’ll never need to worry about downtime due to manual defrosting. The door frames are also mildly heated to prevent frosting. The low voltage LED lighting features a separate power switch to further save power.All upright models are equipped with a digital temperature controller that reads and displays are completely accurate temperature at all times. Our range of Chest Freezers are a sturdy and durable means of storing and displaying frozen food,with all of the high-performing, energy-efficient functionality of our upright models.

Emphasizing convenience and accessibility, all of our chest freezers are self-contained and mounted on castors, so you can position them to your exact preference with ease. These units are ideal for drawing attention to and selling pre-made frozen desserts and treats.Featuring PVC-coated wire baskets and double-glazed glass lids, our chest freezer units will play a key role in your retail floor space.
Service and Warranty
You can rely on our comprehensive, nationwide logistics and support network to deliver, install, and provide rapid repairs to your commercial display freezer wherever you are in Australia. With depots and support technicians in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth, we’re always local to you.We employ our technicians full-time, many of whom have been in the industry for over 20 years, so you will always be able to troubleshoot with someone who has an understanding of your freezer from the ground up. All of our commercial freezers, whether they’re upright or chest freezers, are covered by competitive warranties that feature our Roll In/Roll Out Service: we will supply and install a replacement fridge free of charge for the duration of any repairs and service.We really take great pride in looking after our customers for the lifespan of their commercial freezer purchase.
Bespoke Options
We readily provide bespoke services for all of our commercial display freezers.Such retrofit options include custom wheel and castor sizes, specific power outputs, custom shelving, and internal lighting setups. We create and apply custom signage and other requested graphics to any of our commercial freezer types, from small business clients to corporate fleet clients.If you are a corporate entity, managing an event such as a trade show or media production, or operate a large grocery franchise, we can readily supply you with a fleet of custom-fitted commercial display freezers.
All of our commercial freezer units are available for purchase, hire, or lease (rent-to-own). We have a range of fleet options for corporate clients and event managers. To discuss our rates, please use the form on the Contact Us page