9-Tub Gelato Freezer (Elegante 36)
13-Tub Gelato Freezer (Elegante 56)
16-Tub Gelato Freezer (Optimus)
Gelato Freezers

Our Gelato Display Freezer range is designed to showcase all the colours and textures of your ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt as attractively as possible. We have engineered and crafted our range to provide your staff with convenience and ease of use, as well as maintain very precise, consistent temperatures.And particularly when it comes to gelato, temperature consistency is crucial—our gelato display freezers are engineered to preserve the consistency and flavours of gelato, maintaining the complexity and freshness of of your flavours through the entire day.Cold Display Solutions’ gelato freezers are highly suited to cafes, ice cream franchise owners,boutique gelato stores, and basically any type food service outlet that will be showing off your icecream wares.We can ensure that in addition to internal performance, the gelato freezer will be a visual highlight of your floor space. Not only are all gelato freezer models equipped with a ‘signbox’ at the front of the unit for easily interchangeable branding and signage, but we also make custom decals that highlight your brand and products.Our feature-rich units will keep your products consistently cold with sealed rear access, as well as astatic evaporator in the walls of the unit to maintain consistent freezing. All gelato freezers include rear-mounted temperature control.As with all of our products, we strive to create cold display units that are both heavy duty performers and energy efficient. All gelato freezers are internally lit by energy-efficient low voltage LED lightingWe have included power-down options for internal lights and sign light We have chosen a compressor that works with R290 refrigerant. What does this mean?R290 has great thermodynamic properties: very energy efficient and a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) score of 3. So you’ll find that our range is more environmentally friendly than offerings from our competitors.The internal lining of our gelato freezers consists of a very strong, non-toxic material, and themodular 5-litre gelato tubs are mounted on a food grade stainless steel frame.All of our Gelato Freezer units come equipped with a frozen storage compartment underneath,which can be accessed via convenient sliding doors, and a food grade stainless steel preparationbench, which is very easy to keep clean.All of our gelato freezer units are self contained and ship with casters, making them highly mobile.Repositioning them on your floor space and cleaning behind them is a breeze.  Our Elegante range of gelato display freezers can accommodate 9-tub and 13-tub configurations. A‘stone cold’ classic that suits most requirements.

Optimus Gelato Display Freezer
For larger-scale operators, our Optimus range of gelato display freezers can accommodate 16 tub configurations.
All Cold Display Solutions Gelato Freezers are built to last. However, in the unlikely event of your gelato freezer breaking down and requiring repairs, we offer a 12 Month Maintenance On-site Warranty, which includes our ‘Roll In/Roll Out’ breakdown service, whereby we provide you with a temporary unit for the duration that your gelato freezer is being repaired.We now have depots in four states, paired with a nationwide logistics network, making our delivery and support service highly responsive wherever you are in Australia.Additionally, we employ refrigeration engineers and technicians full-time at all of our depots, so you always have access to people with industry-level expertise.We are very proud of the fact that we look after our customers for the lifespan of their purchase.
All of our gelato display freezers can be purchased, hired, or leased (rent-to-own). If you’d like to know more about weekly rental and hire rates, simply reach out via the Contact Us page.
Bespoke Options
When it comes to gelato and other artisanal frozen desserts, we know how important it is to catch your customers’ eye with colourful branding and attractive decals on your service equipment. That’s why we offer a number of personalisation and customisation options.The Cold Display Solutions range of gelato display freezers can be made to spec, in any colour you request and any personalised signage you need.Prior to delivery, we can modify your unit with larger or smaller-size mobility casters.If you have corporate or large-scale franchise requirements, we are able to deploy a branded fleet of gelato display freezers to suit you. Simply outline your needs via the contact form on the Contact Us page. Like to know more? We’re happy to answer all questions you may have about the purchase, lease, or hire of our gelato freezer range.