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Pizza / Salad Counters
The range of refrigerated salad counters from Cold Display Solutions is ideal for any food service business that prepares sandwiches, salads, subs, pizzas, or any other dish that requires cold storage and display of fresh-cut ingredients and a surface to combine them on.We provide the ideal refrigerated solution if you need to serve your customers with fresh, crisp produce regardless of the season, as well as a cold, hygienic preparation surface.We design and build our salad counters for consistent output, energy efficiency, hygiene, and long term performance—they’re powerful, very easy to clean, and have a low carbon footprint.All of our Refrigerated Salad Counters are fully self-contained and are mounted on lockable swivel casters, which means that you can quickly get set up anywhere on your kitchen or shop floor. Swivel casters also means that cleaning under these units is very simple.Each model in the range features automated refrigeration and defrost cycles, and uses the latest green-friendly HFC refrigerant. This means our salad counters are powerful, reliable units that are kind to our environment.These salad counters have been built with freshness and hygiene in mind; each model uses corrosion-resistant, food grade stainless steel, inside and out.
Salad/Pizza Counters
Our range of pizza/salad counters includes both large prep counter models and more compact saladette models. Our refrigerated Pizza/Salad Counters are available in two and three door configurations, to ensure you always have enough under-counter space.This range of units has been designed for use in busy, public-facing establishments that rapidly prepare salads, sandwiches, subs, or pizzas. Our salad/pizza counter units are excellent for streamlining operations, combining storage, display, and preparation spaces into one.They have been designed to include a generous amount of refrigerated prep counter space.They’re high capacity units with a very large display area—the display area uses premium quality modular Gastro norm storage containers. The display area is lit by low-voltage LED lighting, highlighting visual appeal and freshness to your customers while being easily accessible to your staff. All Pizza/Salad Counter models use food grade stainless steel, inside and out, and square glass covering the display area. These models feature industrial grade compressors, ensuring high performance all year round.

Saladette Counters

Cold Display Solutions’ Saladette Counters have been designed and constructed specifically for food service businesses who need to streamline their operations without sacrificing the quality of their services. These compact units are self-contained, heavy-duty performers that can easily be repositioned in your food service area.Our range of refrigerated Saladette Counters is perfect for cafes or pizzerias with limited floor space,or hotel buffets requiring an unobtrusive, low-noise salad preparation and serving space. Our saladette fridge range is available in two and three door configurations, offering optimum flexibility for storage requirements.The high-capacity under-counter space features adjustable shelves, so you can customise your storage setup to your own requirements. The mounted plastic cutting board is food grade and very easy to clean.An additional feature of our saladette counters that will appeal to specific types of restaurants and cafes is the low noise design. This ensures that the saladette counter remains unobtrusive.
Warranty and Service
All of Cold Display Solutions’ Pizza/Salad Counters feature a highly competitive 12-month parts and labour warranty, which includes our ‘Roll In/Roll Out’ Service. We will supply a temporary refrigerated salad counter while we service your unit at no cost.Shipping, installation, and ongoing support is comprehensive: Cold Display Solutions have a nationwide logistics network that can reach you wherever you are in Australia.Additionally, we have depots in four states, and employ all of our refrigeration technicians full-time,so you’ll always have access to expert support. We are staffed by technicians with over 15 years’experience in the commercial refrigeration industry.
Bespoke Options
We offer numerous bespoke options for customising our range of refrigerated salad counters. We can adjust caster sizes to suit your preferences, as well as create and apply custom branding to add some visual appeal If you are a corporate client, operating a franchise, or running an event such as a trade show, we can supply you with custom-fitted, branded fleets of refrigerated salad/pizza counters for hire, lease, or purchase. Simply get in touch via the Contact Us page to find out more.
All of our refrigerated salad counters are available for purchase, hire, and lease (rent-to-buy). Please get in touch via the Contact Us page if you wish to discuss financing or weekly rates.If you have any questions about the sale, hire, lease, customisation, shipping, or maintenance of our refrigerated salad display counters, you are most welcome to call us.