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Stainless Steel Service Range
We manufacture and supply a premium range of commercial stainless steel fridges and freezers. All stainless steel units are made using only commercial, food grade stainless steel. (SS201)Our range of stainless steel commercial fridges and commercial freezers are suitable for use in any food service industry kitchen: restaurants, takeaways, bakeries, hotels, artisanal or craft food startups, clubs, and institutions.These units have been designed and built by Cold Display Solutions for extensive, heavy-duty use in busy commercial kitchens. Key considerations in the design of these commercial refrigeration units include:
Solid Construction: Food grade stainless steel inside and out. Not only are these units extremely tough, they’re extremely easy to clean and maintain. All stainless steel models feature a powerful self-closing door mechanism with magnetic rubber seals and very high quality insulation.Ease of use: Being self-contained and mounted on lockable casters, they’re very easy to move and reposition, as well as to clean underneath.This means you can easily and quickly position them in the kitchen location that works best for you and your staff. Additionally, these units are only 1980mm high, enabling them to be wheeled in without the need for tilting. You can easily adjust the internal shelving to suit changes in your menu and stock.And because we use food grade stainless steel inside and out, cleaning surfaces and maintaining hygiene is incredibly simple.All stainless steel fridge and freezer units feature lockable doors, and ship with door keys.Our stainless steel commercial fridges and freezers run automatic refrigeration and defrost cycles,and feature digital temperature control.Hard working: During peak operating times, such as during a lunch or dinner rush, kitchen staff will be opening and closing the unit constantly, and this means hot air will be flowing into the unit.Your unit will have to work harder at these times, and even more so during the Summer months.To cope with this, we only use the latest commercial grade European compressors, so you can rely on your service fridge or freezer to work hard during peak times.We care about our environment, which is why we endeavour to engineer high performance commercial refrigeration units with a low carbon footprint—our stainless steel commercial fridge and freezer range uses only the latest HFC refrigerant: R290. This refrigerant contributes to energy efficiency and low noise.

Our Stainless Steel range includes both Commercial Fridges and Commercial Freezers, and are available in one and two door configurations.

The One Door Stainless Steel Fridge and Freezer range is perfect for modest-sized commercial kitchens and have a 580 litre capacity.
The Two Door Stainless Steel Fridge and Freezer range is well suited to larger-sized commercial kitchens. These units have a storage capacity of 1180 litres.
Service and Warranty
Our stainless steel range is protected by a competitive 12 month parts and service warranty. This includes our ‘Roll In/Roll Out’ Service, where we will supply you with a temporary unit for the duration of any service or repairs. Cold Display Solutions has depots in four states, with a nationwide logistics network. So delivery and installation of your stainless steel refrigeration unit following purchase will be rapid. We employ all of our technical specialists full time, so you will always have access to their expertise.Many of our specialists have over 15 years’ experience in the commercial refrigeration industry.
Bespoke Options
No two commercial kitchens are alike! That’s why we offer a number of bespoke options for our stainless steel service fridges and freezers; we’re very happy to customise your unit to make a perfect fit.We can help you with custom power requirements, bespoke shelving, caster resizing, and much more. If required, we are happy to supply more than the standard ten shelves for your stainless steel commercial fridge or freezer.If you deal with corporate events, trade shows, food expos, media productions, or something in between, we can supply a fleet of stainless steel fridges or freezers, customised to suit. We offer fleets of refrigeration units for purchase, hire, and lease.Please contact us via the Contact Us page for more information about fleets.
Our stainless steel refrigeration units are available for purchase, hire, and lease (rent-to-own). We offer very reasonable and competitive rates for hire and lease.Please Contact Us for more information about financing and weekly rates.Would you like to know more about our stainless steel range? We’re very happy to answer any questions you have.