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Are you looking for the best beverage cooler bar fridges for your restaurant or bar .Cold Display Solutions has a huge range of drinks fridges from a under bar fridges to 1/2/3/4 door upright fridges Cold Display Solutions is your premiere choice! Our uniquely designed fridges and coolers are designed for Australia and can work in extreme temperature. Plus, Modern Elegance glass door upright bar fridge’s features and quality are hard to match. We specialize in high quality beverage fridges that will keep your beer and other beverages at the perfect temperature for your customers and guests!

Find Perfect Beverage Fridges for your Business or Home

A restaurant, bar and even the modern kitchen is incomplete without beverage fridges. You might be looking for some unparalleled fridges and here Cold Display Solutions caters you with needs, offering out of the world beer and beverage fridges. Our highly performing coolers withstand in extreme temperature of Australia, assuring a standard cooling and maintaining the quality of drinks. Just Trust Cold Display Solutions fridges and enjoy the perfect temperature to keep beers & beverages at the optimum serving temperature year after year

Every time when you present a drink to a customer at the bar, or offering it to a guest at home, our special fridges will never disappoint as you find beers & beverages in cool and chill form. Good news is that we have a large collection of fridges – under bench and bar and upright fridge models

It’s possible to store your favourite collection of beverages now at home or at your place of business at an accurate temperature and enjoy a perfect taste every time- All possible after Cold Display Solutions special fridges manufactured with advanced technology. We are committed to excellence, believe in low cost and effective solutions while providing 2 years guarantee on all fridges.

The Cold Display Solutions ™ Mantra is Simple

· Serve the customers with honesty and provide great service at all times

· Never compromise on the quality of fridges

· Stay one step ahead with unique models and designs

Practicing novelty is the key to success and our prime objective is to establish a long-term bond with customers and we are happy to achieve our goal at the end of every project!


Our bar fridges are designed with to be both aesthetically pleasing but more importantly reliability and efficiency are built in

All our bar fridge rang Comply with Australian (and NZ) Government MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) this unit has a 6 star energy rating, is classified 3M2

Being a family based business we care for our surrounding and our world!Part of the efficiency in power is attributed to the gas our units run on R290 – a clean and natural refrigerant Its capacity to absorb heat is nearly 90% higher than R134 or R404 which results in quicker temperature recovery and lower energy consumption. Also, its low ozone-depleting properties and extremely low GWP make R290 one of the most climate-friendly and cost-effective refrigerants on the market.

As a user we have made our units easy to service – all the top sign panels fold up on hinges for easy cleaning of mechanical parts and condensers

We have also added a easy snap lock shelf adjuster clip meaning the shelving in you fridge can be re configured in minutes .The seals om the doors of our bar fridge range are easily change onsite and simply push in to install

Cleaning is simple with all our range having solid metal components and solid aluminium door handles .We have avoided areas in the fridge that cannot be reached and make it easy to hygienically clean the fridge to meet all health and safety requirements


You can sell the best fridges in the world , but without great timely service it means nothing. We hold spare parts in our Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane depots .We have our won fleet of 8 trucks on the eastern sea board to deliver you bar fridge or commercial fridgeWe are licensed fridge mechanics and a licensed refrigeration company .We are a EESS responsible electrical supplier .In short we have been selling fridge’s for well over a decade .We are also liscensed importers We are here to provide you with a quality fridge and service and back up after we sell the product .We have real depots and real people in every major city in the eastern seaboard – fast delivery and fast service is key for us .