Three Door Fridge (Elegance Black)

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    Unit comes with 5 standard shelves per door.
    How many standard shelves do you want to replace with heavy duty shelves ?


    Highly recommended for bottle shops, supermarkets, butchers, etc. requiring 30Kg-50Kg loading or above per shelf.

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Product Description


Our Three Door Drinks Fridges are ideal for for food/drink display or storage. Equipped with sturdy castors for mobility, internal fluoro lights, double glazed doors, adjustable shelves and finished with a black powder-coat. We can also provide extra shelving or lighting to suit your requirements.

  • 12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty^
  • Fully Self Contained Unit
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Stainless Base Tray Easy Cleaning
  • for Meat or Food
  • Dual Internal LED Lighting
  • On/Off Switch For Interior Light
  • Corrosion Resistant Outer Body
  • Full Strengthened Aluminium Door Frames
  • Glass Door (Double Glazed)
  • Fan Forced Anti-Fog Glass System
  • Self Closing/Easy Access Doors
  • Magnetic Rubber Seals
  • Latest HFC Refrigerant
  • Auto Defrost
  • Gross Volume: 1450L
  • General Operating Temperature: 0-5c
  • Electrical Requirements: 10amp standard power point
  • Safety Tagged
  • Height: 2092mm
  • Width:  1880mm
  • Depth:  750mm
Download CAD Drawing (PDF)

Available in White

The Cold Display Solutions Commercial Glass Three Door Display Fridge is a heavy duty commercial fridge designed for use in any commercial, retail, institutional, commercial kitchen to provide excellent visibility and convenience to your customers. And reliability and ease of service for its owners .

The unit has a top mounted compressor. This allows the full height of the unit to be on display to the ground, perfect for supermarkets. It also allows the hot air from the condensing unit to be discharged upwards, allowing these to be placed next to each other and air to be ventilated from above to outside the store. This way an aisle of these can be created and no heat load enters the store.


Cold Display Solutions has designed these for easy service an the top sign box is hinged from the front so the service man can get access to the motor and condenser in seconds to service them

The shelving on these units s fully adjustable and stainless and clips and retainers are used.

We also supply free of charge front shelf label pales , so pricing can be easily attached to the front of each shelf.

The self-closing doors being double glazed and heated are equipped with a self-closing mechanism which increases energy efficiency also has LOW E glass  that further increases  efficiency and saves power .The door handles themselves are solid aluminum and have fast change seals  , that you the customer can change without waits and service costs .

The Cold Display heavy duty commercial fridge  models  can be done to order in any color with special signage. The top sign box is interchangeable from solid to illuminated .Cold Display Solutions can modify fridges and freezers with smaller or larger casters .We can also wrap and apply signage for both one off to hundreds of units for corporate clients .

The refrigeration system runs automatic defrosts and does not  need to be adjusted or any manual defrosts .The refrigeration system is fan forced for rapid temp recovery and contact temperature inside the unit .All upright models run a digital controller  that reads and displays accurate temperature at all times .Our units are totally self contained and run stainless steel heated trays for water removal so no need to plumb  in any fixtures .The water line leading outside the case is also heated for freezers so the water does not freeze in the piping on exit from the case

The shelves inside are plastic coated for longevity and the shelf support rails are solid food grade stainless along with the clips. Shelves are fully adjustable and can be positioned to your liking .

Lighting is LED  low voltage for safety and can be easily changed with 2 screws and a fast connector inside that needs to hand tools. Both sign light and internal lighting has switches to save power should you choose to switch them off .

Cold Display Solutions has depots and staff for support in Brisbane , Sydney and our head Office in Melbourne. We have our own fleet of delivery trucks  we can get your unit to you in a time efficient and safe manner .Our technicians are full time here and we have service vehicles in all three states We also have stocks off all parts for each unit from panels to shelves and clips to lighting and even compressors , so if you do ever need a part we have it in stock ready to dispatch immediately. We pride ourselves in service and looking after our customers long after the unit is out of GTEE



Our Three Door Display Fridges are ideal for food/drink display or storage.  Equipped with sturdy castors for mobility, internal fluoro lights, double glazed doors and adjustable shelves. The fridges are finished in a black powder-coat. We can also provide extra shelving or lighting to suit your requirements.

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