700mm Open Display Fridge (Compact)

($5,156.80 INC GST)

Product Description

This unit can come with or without a door fitted to the front , meaning with door it can be used in 35 c ambients !

3 shelves, with LED lighting to each shelf , plus a base give a large internal volume and small footprint

Free standing and self-contained suitable for service stations , bottle stores, convenience stores  and cafes

  • Energy Efficient
  • 12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Full Self Contained Unit
  • Full Automatic Operation
  • Corrosion Resistant Outer Body
  • 12 Built-In Energy saving LED Lights
  • Heating Pipe Evaporative Water Tray
  • European Design & Compressor
  • Latest HFC Refrigerant


  • Customer Designed For Easy Product Access
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • 3 Adjustable shelves with price holder
  • Easy maintenance and repair


  • Voltage 220V/ 50Hz 10 amp GPO
  • Dimenson(W*D*H)mm:700 x 620x 1560
  • Gross Volume : 200L
  • Temperature Range : +0 °C / +10 °C
  • Cooling Type : Fan Cooling
  • Refrigerant : R404a
  • Evaporator: Copper Fin Type Condensor
  • Controller Brand : Carel Controller
  • Compressor Brand : Embraco
  • Shelf Number: 3 (Heavy Duty)


Cold Display Solutions ™ impulse and Open Display range offers powerful performance in a plug-in package, creating attractive open displays with exceptionally accurate temperature control.

Cols Display Solutions ™ Impulse Open Displays have been as an effective way to encourage impulse point-of-sale purchases.

One of the main features for both doored and open-fronted display cases is how accessible they are to the consumer for selecting the product. A doored display case can be deemed a little more difficult for consumers to use, as they must open or slide a door to reach the products inside, which can add an extra few seconds onto their shop and be awkward if holding a basket or bags etc. On a positive note, the reduction of the ‘cold aisle syndrome’ with a door encourages customers to spend longer browsing the cabinets.

Impulse merchandising display cases offer a better shopping experience with unrestricted views of the product, encouraging customers to make impulse purchases. During busy periods and stores with narrow aisles, open-fronted cabinets do not have the issue the doored cabinets have where customer flow is hindered and access to products is limited. Open display fridges are desired merchandisers that are proven to increase the sales because of no barrier to entry fridge, or in short, you can say they don’t have any doors. Your customers can easily access the products on their own.

We sell most of these units to service stations and conveyance stores .Our dedicated impulse units have a small foot print and are often placed near high foot traffic or the counter


Our units are fully self contained – all you need to do is provide the correct power outlet for the unit

Digital controllers control precisely for accurate temperature delivery .The controller also controls defrost operation .Our impulse cabinets add a heater element to aid in a fast and effective automatic defrost .Units are mounted ion heavy duty lockable casters

Shelving is 3 rows plus a base .The shelves have clip in brackets meaning they are easily adjustable on all our impulse fridge range .A night curtain is added to every unit that can pulled down during times you are not trading to further save power

These units use an air curtain to provide cooling , its important the unit is placed correctly and not in a draft and in an airconditioned space .To aid with this Cold Display Solutions™ has added airflow deflectors to the base and discharge air at the top pf the cabinet , this saves power and gives a more accurate temperature in the impulse display fridge

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