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Rent to Buy $102.50/WEEK EX GST ($112.75 INC GST)

Product Description

The Roma Open Display is a large, stylish cabinet built to the highest standards with exclusively high quality components. Should the fridge breakdown, our 12 Month Mainetance On Site Warranty provides a ‘Roll In/Roll Out Breakdown Service’ that swaps over with a loan fridge while your fridge is repaired.

This product runs on 1 x 15 amp power plug

  • 12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Fully Self Contained Unit
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Corrosion resistant outer body
  • Built in LED lighting

Model: BLF-2080

This product runs on 1 x 15 amp power plug

Product net dimensions
Unit dimensions (W/D/H) (mm): 1935*787*2060
Packing dimensions (W/D/H) (mm): 2075*880*2220

Product identification
Product description: Super Market Showcase
Cooling system : Fan forced / Auto Defrost
Condensing system (S=static/F=condensing with fan): F
Climate class (N= + 18-32°C T=+ 18-43°C): N

Key features
Effective Volume(m³): 0.98
Display Area(㎡): 2.95
Defrosting (Manual-Automatic): Automatic
Kind of coolant (R134a/R404a/R600a): R404A/R290
Foaming components: C5H10

Technical data
Voltage / frequency (V/Hz): 220~240/50
Compressor: Embraco/Secop
Temperature: 3M2

Equipment & accessories
Inside walls: Coated stainless steel
Night Curtain: YES
Number of shelf: 4
Defrost drain: YES
Bottom tray(double layer stainless steel 304 material)with heater: YES(2 heater)
Top tray(double layer stainless steel 304 material)with stainless steel pipe: With
Heater on evaporator: YES
Shelves light: LED
Protection bar(Stainless steel material): YES
Digital thermostat: YES(Dixell)
Fan: EBM
Expansion Valve: Danfoss
Wheel: YES
Color: Option

Our Roma range of open fridges are available nationwide , these are made for Cold Display Solutions ™ We actually finish the manufacture here at our Melbourne headquarters .We gas the units and install water evaporation equipment to every unit .We can also add extra equipment so it suits the humidity and temp of your business !

If you live and breathe the industry that relies on these solutions, then you will understand the importance of keeping your produce in the best possible condition. Cold Display Solutions ™ is committed to providing a wide selection of open multi deck display cabinet options to keep your products in premium condition, whilst also being easy to navigate for both the customer and employer due to their simple shelf and stocking system.

Refrigerated display cases have a home in many different kinds of outlet facilities, including off-licences, convenience stores, petrol forecourts and supermarkets that display refrigerated stock such as soft drinks, snacks, dairy products and ready meals. They are also found in restaurants, coffee shops and food outlets so you can easily access drinks, grab and go products and desserts from displays that are not only functional but look the part too!

As you can see, the uses for refrigerated open display cabinets are so wide-ranging, we’re sure you’ll be able to benefit from one of these systems to ensure your business runs as efficiently and successfully as possible! Cold Display Solutions™, we encourage our clients to work closely with us in order to find the perfect solution that fits their specific needs.

High traffic is usually standard in areas in which open refrigerated display cabinets are housed, so you’re going to want to be assured of a high performance and durable machine, right? Our range of multideck display cabinets provide years of service, giving you the peace of mind that you can rely on our solutions for your busy business space.

We take into account the fact that the requirements of all businesses are bound to differ slightly, based on your facilities, number of stock, customers, etc. which is why we are happy to use our industry knowledge to recommend which kind of refrigerated cabinet would ideally suit your requirements.

Our units have very heavy duty .The 1900 ROMA uses two condensing units to provide accurate and fast temperature control

The larger 2500 mm Roma open uses a Mitsubishi style rotary compressor that gives huge volume and efficiency Rotary compressor is the type of positive displacement compressor. As the name suggests, rotary compressor produces compressed fluid/ refrigerant by the rotary movements of blades or the movement of eccentric roller connected to the motor shaft. Since the clearance volume for a rotary compressor is negligible, its volumetric efficiency is high compared to the reciprocating compressor. Normally the prime mover (motor) and the compressor is pressed into a single cylinder with no vapor space between compressor and shell. So they are also small and light. One of the most important features of the rotary compressor is that it lacks the suction and discharge valves as used on the reciprocating compressor.

Customers often buy several of these unit for one store and we offer matching 1380 , 2080 and 2580 mm wide units

If you decide to use one of the retail chilled solutions from Cold Display Solutions ™, you have chosen a sure-fire way of presenting your chilled food and drinks in a professional and efficient way, benefitting your business immediately. Using the latest technology and environmentally friendly refrigerants including Hydrocarbons and Co2, we can provide a single cabinet or a complete system.

Considering a refrigerated multideck display cabinet to improve your retail offering? Or perhaps you’re looking to replace an old existing system? If so, then contact Cold Display

Solutions ™ today. One of our expert team will be happy to help you to decide what your next move should be, for both you and your customers. We can also offer a selection of solutions to meet your budget. You can call one of our branches that are located across Australia , email us or visit our contact us page to fill in an online form for more information.

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