Square Glass Deli – 2.5mtr

Buy $5,896.00 EX GST ($6,485.60 INC GST)
Rent to Buy $97.20/WEEK EX GST ($106.92 INC GST)

Product Description

Modern square glass black colored deli is a stylish addition to any butcher or deli

Equipped with LED lighting, so it will be a stand out in your store.

Chrome trolley bar and lockable casters mean it can safely be positioned in your store to suit your trade ideas.

  • Top operating table: stainless steel
  • Storage room material: white colorbond
  • Inner bottom plate: stainless steel
  • Frameless square glass canopy
  • Rear refrigerated storage
  • Dixcell temp controller
  • EBM fan
  • Secop Compressor
  • LED lighting
  • Automatic defrost
  • Fan cooling system
  • Adjustable feet with castors
  • Ambient temp display shelf.

Unit dimensions WxDxH(mm) – 2590 x 90 2 x 1230

Weight (kg) – 260kg

Volume (Litre) – 700Lt

Temperature Range – ( -2 ~ 2℃)


Download CAD Drawing (PDF)

An intelligent and aesthetically appealing  display makes an essential part of the bakery and deli business. On one hand, it helps you take advantage of visual merchandising and on the other, it helps as temporary storage for your perishable products without losing their quality. For bakery or deli businesses a glass display case is an essential equipage.

If your food business is losing on sales,or you just need a fresh look  adding just the right kind of showcase can give it a measurable boost.

But how to decide which display case is the right one for you?

Well, to help you with that, we are here with this Bakery and Deli Display Cases Buying Guide. Check out the next points and make your decision depending on the exact needs of your business.

Type of Glass Display Case

First thing first, before going into any details, the first thing you need to decide is the type of  showcase you need for your business, and for that, you need to know the types available.

Depending on the type of refrigeration used in displays there are two basic types – the forced air refrigerated units and the gravity coil refrigerated units.

Forced air refrigeration – In this type of refrigeration the cold air is circulated within the cabinet with the help of a fan. It keeps the content at a proper temperature and ensures good shelf life for perishable items.

However, this type of refrigeration units come with an inherent drawback. As the cold air is circulated with a fan, it tends to dry out the items stored and hence is not suitable for all types of foods. Storing any unpackaged food item in forced air refrigerated counters for long will dry it out and hamper the taste as well as the texture.

Forced air refrigerated vitrines work best for presentation and temporary storage of bakery items like cakes, pastries, and pies. This type of unit is available under the name commercial square glass cake display. There is also curved glass cake display that you can choose.

Gravity coil refrigeration – This is the type of vitrine you need if you are planning to show the deli items. It comes with a gravity coil at the top of the cabinet and the cold air naturally circulates within the cabinet, without the need of a fan. The best thing is this type of storage does not dry out the foods stored.

The units with gravity coil refrigeration are ideal for storing seafood, raw meat, salad, cheese, and other deli items. Gravity coil refrigerated systems are also comparatively cheaper than their forced air counterpart.

So, depending on the variety of perishable items you want to show, choose the right type. If you want to present both deli and bakery items, then the best option is to opt for two separate varieties of vitrines for ease of use and better storage.


Once you have decided on the type of vitrine you need for your business, the next consideration is the size you need. The size should depend on two things – first the space you have and second the quantity you want to present at one time.

Our units have 2 doors of storage underneath that provides constant temperature for refrigerated storage

Space – While considering the area in your establishment always keep in mind that you need to leave sufficient space for easy movement of the staff and placement of other equipage essential for service.

Even if you have a big room, the effective area for a glass showcase may be limited because of the placement of doors, windows, and other furnishings. Hence it is important that you take into consideration all the factors.

Food quantity – First, decide the quantity of food you want to present at one time. Keep in mind presenting more quantity doesn’t always mean selling more. So, consider the maximum number of customers you are expected to serve on a busy day.

Always keep in mind, that you cannot store any perishable items be it bakery products or delis for long, as they will naturally start losing quality and taste, so keeping the batch size at per with the demand is necessary.

You can also get some important suggestion form Cold Display Solutions ™staff  regarding the size of the unit you should opt for.


After the size, comes the style. The styles available in commercial glass showcases are – square and curved. You can pick the commercial square glass cake display Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, or the curved variety as per your personal choice.

The curved variety gives a sleek look and allows customers to bend over the vitrine. While the square units take less floor space for the same display area.

If you are planning to get a smaller unit to be placed over the countertop beside the soup kettles or bain marie, you might opt for the curved style. If budget is not a constraint, spend on a unit with a mirrored interior. This will enhance the total presentation.


Units with tiered shelving are preferred because they look great and maximizes product visibility. Glass shelves are always a better option than the solid shelves because glass allows light to filter through all the foods and gives a ’floating’ look to the items. Having an end panel on the shelves will make the case appear bigger and fuller.

All our square delis have a upper square glass shelf that really makes products stand out


The vitrine should be fitted with proper LED lighting with casing. Light plays a vital role in creating the perfect visual impact. Make sure that the lights are properly encased so that if somehow the light shatters, it doesn’t fill the showcased foods with sherds.

In lighting, you have two options, the yellow light and the white one. Pick the light according to the kind of food you are going to place in the unit and the interior or theme of your shop.

So, now you know all that we know about display cases, and it’s time to make your choice.


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